Innovation and Technology (DoIT)

The Department of Innovation and Technology drives innovation, modern technology practices, process improvement, and collaboration in order to create exceptional user experiences.  

Department Head

Gee Ming Chow

To continuously improve constituent services, ensure data-driven decision-making, and deliver innovative, user-friendly technology that empowers City departments and improves the quality of our community.

 The Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) enables City operations through device and software support, connectivity, and server maintenance. Additionally, DoIT seeks to deliver the best possible user experience for residents and City employees. Teams focus on people, process, and data-driven decision making to enable exceptional digital services and a secure, resilient infrastructure.

 The department advocates for and enables data sharing to improve transparency to our residents and the business community; collaborates with our civic technology partners to address challenges facing our city; empowers City employees through capacity building in lean techniques and data driven decision making.

 DoIT takes a human-centered approach to digital transformation, ensuring new technology is appropriately matched to constituent need. Continuous improvement, ongoing learning, and collaboration are central themes as the department strives to enable streamlined City operations and the user-friendly civic services of the future.