Housing Commercial and Loan / Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

About the Housing & Commercial Loan Committee (HCLC)

Chapter 2, Article XI, Division 19 of the Code of the City of Miami addresses the City’s HCLC, established in September 2000 by the City of Miami Commission to serve several functions including approving, disapproving and/or restructuring housing and commercial loans and grants. The HCLC consists of a maximum of thirteen (13) volunteer members including one chairperson nominated by the mayor and appointed by city commission; two members from city administration nominated by the city manager and appointed by city commission; and ten members who represent different industries as stipulated in the Code, appointed by the City Commission.


The HCLC serves the following purposes:

1. Approving or disapproving housing and commercial loans and grants to be provided by the city through any funds administered by the Department of Housing & Community Development;

2. Performing such other duties and responsibilities relative to affordable housing and small business development as may be set forth herein or incident thereto.

For other functions, powers and duties of the HCLC please refer to the Code. HCLC Members are appointed for a four-year term. For more information, please visit LINK.

About the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC)  

Chapter 2, Article XI, Division 8 of the City Code provides information on the City’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC), established pursuant to Section 420.9076, of the Florida Statutes. The AHAC consists of ten (10) volunteer members representing different industries and appointed by the City Commission, and one (1) City Commissioner serving in an ex officio capacity, for a total of eleven members who will serve four-year terms. The AHAC serves the following purposes:

1. To serve as the Advisory Committee required by the Florida State Housing Initiatives Partnership (“SHIP”) Program; and 
2. To provide oversight and ongoing recommendations on affordable housing issues.

As stipulated in the code, the AHAC shall also review the established policies and procedures, ordinances, land development regulations, and adopted local government comprehensive plan (MCNP) on an annual basis and recommend specific actions or initiatives to encourage or facilitate affordable housing while protecting the ability of the property to appreciate in value. For other functions, powers and duties of the AHAC please refer to the Code.

 For more information, please visit LINK


At this time, the Housing and Commercial Loan Committee (HCLC) and Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) is seeking applicants for a person who can serve in the following capacity:

1. A representative of those areas of labor actively engaged in home building.

Those interested in applying can download the application at this link: Application(PDF, 210KB)

All completed applications should be accompanied by a CV/Resume and can be e-mailed to aduran@miamigov.com, faxed to 305-416-2090, or mailed to:

City of Miami, Department of Housing and Community Development
Attn: HCLC/AHAC Board liaison 
14 NE 1st Avenue, 2nd Floor
Miami, FL 33132