Anti-Poverty Initiative (API) Projects

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On September 23, 2014, the Miami City Commission approved Resolution No. 14-0362 establishing the Anti-Poverty Initiative (“API”).  The purpose of the Anti-Poverty Initiative is to reduce poverty within the City of Miami communities and funding shall be utilized to meet the needs of poor residents. The program's $2.6 million funding is divided among the commission districts based on the poverty census rates for each district.  

To date, the funds have assisted with college scholarships, work and life skills training, business and finance training, senior citizen programs, college campus tours for high school students, and much more.   

Current Projects:

The below table outlines the API projects currently being funded or proposed for approval as of September, 2019. Each commission office utilizes their funds to aid local entities serving City of Miami residents.  The entities in turn must enter into an agreement prior to the funds being disbursed.  

Mayor - Suarez  

Men of Impact
Development Center, Inc.

 $10,000.00 A rehabilitation program that will give citizens
recently placed on probation an opportunity
to avoid recidivism by offering spiritual,
emotional, and mental guidance to support
their transition and integration back to their families and neighborhoods.  
30 R-19-0335 
District 4 - Reyes   Sunshine for All, Inc.  $173,420 Provide prepared meals and group activities for elderly low income population. 232   R-19-0349
Mayor - Suarez Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services, Inc.  $50,000 The Wrap Around Service Program for Homeless Youth is an intensive home visiting program that provides parent education, helps manage problems, and work with students who are at risk or already experiencing homelessness. This will aid 65 families. 172   R-19-0336
District 1 - Gort Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade, Inc. $500,000   Implementation of the District 1 Pilot Program as the entity is a qualified and respected firm that has experience to aid with the work required to correct code violations.    TBD  R-19-0350
District 1 - Gort Miami Police Department
$102,000   The funds to install cameras at ten (10) Neighborhood Enhancement Team locations in Allapattah which will be added to the Real Time Crime Center camera network that is monitored by officers in an effort to increase public safety as well as assist in solving crimes in these low income areas.
TBD Pending Approval 
Mayor - Suarez United Way of Miami-Dade, Inc.
The Center for Excellence in Early Education and the Early Head Start-Childcare Partnership program focus on positive child and family outcomes as they work to close the achievement gap and build better futures for children and families.
 468 Pending Approval
Mayor - Suarez Presidio Politico Historico Cubano, Inc  $10,000 Provides housing facility to the elderly that would otherwise be homeless. It requires upkeep to ensure comfortable and safe living conditions for the residents. A number of maintenance related activities (paint, A/C, and repair of fixtures) and repairs to the physical structure inlcuding roof and painting of common areas.
Pending Approval
Mayor - Suarez National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Inc
$25,000   The funding will provide much needed information on affordable housing, employment opportunities, youth development training, economic development workshops geared towards small and minority business, environmental justice workshops/ Hurricane Preparedness, and Community Town Hall meetings. The goal is to inform residents of opportunities to help make communities more resilient and safer.  800 Pending Approval
 TOTALS    $917,220    1707