Anti-Poverty Initiative

City of Miami Anti-Poverty Initiative


On September 23, 2014, the Miami City Commission approved Resolution No. 14-0362 establishing the Anti-Poverty Initiative (“API”) program. The following Anti-Poverty Initiative guidelines were passed on May 23, 2019, per Resolution No. 19-0202, to ensure the accountability and utilization of the program funds meets the intent of Resolution No. 15-0106 and Resolution No. 16-0044 as well as anti-poverty related Sunshine meetings held in 2014. Funding allocation is based on poverty rates for each commission district. 


The purpose of the Anti-Poverty Initiative is to reduce poverty within the City of Miami communities. Funding shall be utilized to meet the needs of poor residents. The City of Miami created the Anti-Poverty Initiative to address poverty based on a strategy of focusing the provision of support towards the City’s residents achieving self-sufficiency.

Anti-Poverty Initiative focuses on projects and programs providing services directly benefitting disadvantaged City of Miami residents in the following priority areas:

  • Educational Programs for children, youth and adults
  • Crime Prevention
  • Elderly meals, transportation, recreational and health/wellness related activities
  • At-risk youth or youth summer job programs
  • Transportation services and programs
  • Job development, retention and training programs
  • Homeless Services.

The expenditure of Anti-Poverty funds allocated under this initiative shall only be expended to benefit the interest of disadvantaged residents of the City of Miami. 


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