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The Office of Communications serves as residents’ eyes and ears in the City of Miami. We value transparency and convenience, bringing important meetings and other information directly to residents via original content on social media, other digital platforms, and MiamiTV. We also work closely with the news media. 


Department Head

Photo of Communications Director Kenia Fallat

Kenia Fallat

Kenia Fallat has been with the City of Miami team for 20 years. Prior to becoming the Director of Communications, Kenia served in various capacities at the Miami Police Department. For the past 16 years, she served as the Public Information Officer for Miami Police.

With a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications, she serves as the spokeswoman for the City of Miami.

Office of the Director

Kenia Fallat:
Cristina de la Maza: Administrative Aide II

Production Services 

Jorge  Solino: Senior Multimedia Production Manager
Jonathan Martell: Communications Technical Operator
Juan Orta: Videographer/Editor
Louis Castillo: Communications Technical Operator

Creative Content Services

Michael Guerrero: Multimedia Manager
Daniel Nunez: Creative Content Videographer/Editor
Carolina Montes de Oca: Content Creator
Victoria Sosa: Senior Content Creator


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Or call 305-416-1440. 

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