Commissioner District Offices

The department formerly known as NET is now separated by District and run by each commissioner.  The offices are called "Commissioner District Offices."
We will be adding to this page as we get more details, but if you don't see an office for your district, contact your Commissioner for more information. 

Scroll down for a full chart of Police, Code, and Sanitation supervisors per district.

District 1 Offices, Commissioner Alex Diaz De La Portilla:

Contact District 1 - Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla for information. 

Antonio Maceo Park (the old Flagami NET)     
5135 NW 7th Street, Miami, FL 33126                      
Monday- Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.                      
Phone: 305-960-2890
Albert RobertChief of Staff
(305) 965-3636,

Allapattah #2 (the old Allapattah NET)   
1897 NW 20th Street, Miami, FL 33142                    
Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.                      
Phone: 305-960-5128      
Albert RobertChief of Staff
(305) 965-3636,

Police Commander - Ernesto Sierra,

Curtis Park
1901 NW 24th Ave, Miami, FL 33125                        
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.                    
Phone: 305-250-5430
Albert RobertChief of Staff
(305) 965-3636,                  

District 2 Offices:

Contact District 2 - Commissioner Sabina Covo for Information.

Coconut Grove District Office     
3255 Plaza Street, Miami, Florida 33133
Phone: 305-960-4670 

Anthony Balzebre, Chief of Staff                  

Toshiba Symonette     

Police Commander Weslyne Lewis,

Downtown/Brickell/Roads District Office (working out of Miami Riverside Center)         
444 S.W. 2nd Avenue - 10th Floor - North Conference Room
Tonya Brown
Phone: 305-960-4670            

Police Commander Fabria Ellington, 

District 3 Office, Commissioner Joe Carollo:

Please contact Commissioner Carollo's office for information.   

William Ortiz, Deputy Chief of Staff
Phone: 305-960-4941

Ive Pinto, District Director
Phone: 305-960-4942

Mara Roman, District Liaison                                     
Phone: 305-960-4654

District 4 Offices, Commissioner Manolo Reyes:

Contact District 4 - Commissioner Manolo Reyes for information. 
Esteban (Steven) Ferreiro, Chief of Staff

Coral Way at Coral Gate Park D4 Office                    
1415 SW 32nd Avenue
Phone: 305-960-5131    

Anna C. Fernandez, District Director - Coral Way     

Celso Ahumada, Commissioner Aide - Coral Way     

Police Commander Winsor Lozano,

Flagami District Office                   

6030 SW 2nd Street
Phone: 305-960-2985         

Miami, FL, 33144
Luisa Perez, Commissioner Aide - Flagami      

Hours: (M-F), 8a - 4 p     
Ana Rodriguez, District Director - Flagami       

Police Commander Joaquin Friere

District 5 Offices, Commissioner Christine King:

Contact District 5 - Commissioner Christine King for more information.

Liberty City

6140 NW 7th Avenue
Miami, FL 33127
Hours: (M-F) 9AM-5PM

Nicole Richard
Commission Aide

Little Haiti

6301 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33138
Phone: 305-960-4660
Hours: (M-F) 9AM-5PM

Derick Noel
Commission Aide

Samantha Woods
Commission Aide

Little Haiti Commander Robert Laurenceau (
Ofc. Finlay Duclos (
Ofc. Pierre Jean-Gilles (

Model City

1350 NW 50th Street
Miami, FL 33150
Phone: 305-960-2990
Hours: (M-F) 9AM-5PM

Andrea Copeland
Commission Aide

Adrian Gates
Commission Aide


819 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33136
Phone: 305-960-5133
Hours: (M-F) 9AM-5PM

Pamela Nottage
District Development Coordinator

Overtown Commander Katherine Baker (

Neighborhood Resource Officers:
Ofc. Dairon Williams, (
Ofc. Yanier Betancourt, (


101 NW 34th Street
Miami, FL 33127
Phone: 305-960-2904
Hours: (M-F) 9AM-5PM

Laveyna Whitehead
Commission Aide

Noel Cruz
Commission Aide

Wynwood/Edgewater Commander Conrad Chin-Quee (

Neighborhood Resource Officers:
Ofc.  Jorge Agrait (

Upper East Side

6599 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138
Phone: 305-960-5118
Hours: (M-F) 9AM-5PM

Erica Taylor
Commission Aide

Upper East Side Commander Conrad Chin-Quee (

Neighborhood Resource Officers:
Ofc. Kaydy Lainez (         
Ofc. Raymond Alvarez (


Neighborhood (Former NET Area)

Police Commander

Code Compliance Field Supervisor

Sanitation Inspector


Ernesto Sierra

Daniel Sierra

Lander Labrada


Fabria Ellington

Gina Marquez

Yolanda Jonas

Coconut Grove

Daniel Kerr

Gina Marquez


Coral Way

Winsor Lozano

Gina Marquez

Lizeth Pita


Kimberly Caruso

Luis Gomez

Yolanda Brian


Altarr Williams

Luis Gomez

Vincent Cruz


Joaquin Freire

Trelana Haines

Ana Valdeon

Little Haiti

Robert Laurenceau

Daniel Sierra

Wilner Gila

Little Havana

Manuel Abreu

Luis Gomez

Gina Marquez

Liudmila Lander Adrian Jonas Lizeth

Model City

Alex Cooper        

Daniel Sierra

Brenda Meregildo


Katherine D. Baker

Luis Gomez

Brian Harris

Upper Eastside

Conrad Chin-Quee

Daniel Sierra

Enrique Wilner


Alex Valdes

Luis Gomez

Vincent Cruz