Education and Outreach

Over the past decade awareness, and more importantly acceptance, of climate change has grown in Miami. Across Miami, people have witnessed the impacts of climate change through sea level rise which has brought universal support and advocacy for climate resilience efforts.

However, as a complex topic and new lens for City operations, City of Miami needs to educate electeds, staff, and residents about the new challenges that climate change presents as well as the solutions being spearheaded by the government. By creating a shared understanding of basic climate science as well as Miami’s climate challenges and solutions, the City can ensure future conditions are factored into current decision-making. 

city staff talking to a resident at their house


Elected Leaders

  • In collaboration with Miami-Dade County and City of Miami Beach, as Greater Miami and the Beaches, the City will assist in developing leadership development programs as part of the Resilient 305 urban resilience strategy.

City Staff

  • Along with academic and nonprofit partners, the City is working to develop introductory lessons for City staff on climate change, its impacts on Miami, and what the City is doing about it.
  • Led by the Urban Sustainability Director’s Network, City Directors and other high level staff ran through a climate change scenarios workshop modelling key decision making processes for responding to ongoing climate stress.


  • During the annual King Tide season, September through November, the City works across departments and across mediums to ensure that residents are aware of the potential of periodic floods and safety precautions to take.
  • Communications has introduced a new Resilience Newsletter, sent out twice a month, that details climate and urban resilience programs and initiatives occurring Citywide. Click here to sign up.
  • As part of the implementation of Miami Forever Bond funded projects and the Storm Water Master Plan, the City will be hosting public meetings to inform residents of progress. Meetings will be advertised on social media channels and the Resilience Newsletter.
  • Residents are encouraged to attend Committee meetings to learn about climate solutions directly from City staff and appointees as they are being enacted.