Commissioner Christine King, District 5

District 5

Christine King is the elected official for District 5.

  • Telephone305-250-5390

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Christine King was born in Guyana and moved to Miami at the age of 5. She attended Allapattah Elementary School, Westview Middle School, and Miami Central Sr. High School. She has proudly served the community for many years and is known for her passion to serve. Before becoming an attorney, Christine worked as Chief of Constituent Services for a Miami-Dade County Commissioner and later as an executive with the Community Action Agency (CAA). Her career with the county spanned eighteen years. She is now President and CEO of the Martin Luther King Economic Development Corporation and a practicing attorney. Christine is married with three beautiful children

For concerns, meeting requests, and general inquiries, please submit to

Yvette Harrell 
Chief of Staff

Quincy Cohen
Chief of Constituent Affairs

Ellaneese Forde
Sr. Administrative Assistant

Donald Douglas
Commissioner's Aide 

Casan Sylvain
Commissioner's Aide

Christina Gonzalez
Commissioner's Aide


Upper East Side
6599 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33138
Phone: 305-960-5118

Model City
1000 NW 62nd St
Miami, FL 33150
Phone: 305-960-2990

Little Haiti
6301 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33138
Phone: 305-960-4660 

101 NW 34th St
Miami, FL 33127
Phone: 305-960-2904

1490 NW 3 Avenue, Suite 112-B
Miami, FL 33136
Phone: 305-372-4553

Below, please find a list of the parks in D5. Or, view The City's full park directory

Lummus Park
360 NW 3 St
Miami 33128

Theodore Gibson Park
350 NW 13 St
Miami 33136

Athalie Range Park
525 NW 62 St
Miami 33150

Roberto Clemente Park
101 NW 34 St
Miami 33127

Moore Park/Ashe-Buchholz Tennis Center
765 NW 36 St
Miami 33127 

Charles Hadley Park
1350 NW 50 St
Miami 33142

African Square Park
1466 NW 62 St
Miami 33147

Little Haiti Soccer Park
6301 NE 2 Ave
Miami 33138

Legion Memorial Park
6447 NE 7 Ave
Miami 33138

1901 N Miami Ave
Miami 33136
Phone: 305-569-3902 

701 NW 36th St
Miami 33127
Phone: 305-569-3906

69 NE 62nd St
Miami 33138
Phone: 305-569-3909

1455 NW 46th St
Miami 33142

990 NE 79 St
Miami 33138
Phone: 305-569-3913

Below, you'll find the libraries located in D5. You can view more information on the Miami-Dade County Public Library website. 

Lemon City
430 NE 61 St
Miami 33137
Phone: 305-757-0662

Culmer Overtown
350 NW 13 St
Miami 33136
Phone: 305-579-5322

Model City
2211 NW 54 St
Miami 33142

Edison Center
531 NW 62 St
Miami 33150
Phone: 305-757-0668

Little River
160 NE 79 St
Miami 33138
Phone: 305-751-8689