Little Haiti Revitalization Trust

The Little Haiti Trust, in cooperation with the city manager, the department of housing and community development and other city departments shall be responsible for oversight of and shall facilitate, the city's revitalization efforts for the redevelopment of the area in a manner consistent with the strategy identified in the Five-Year Consolidated Plan, adopted by the city commission in February 2014. The Little Haiti Trust shall promote economic development, business and commerce in the area. The Little Haiti Trust shall develop and execute a plan to create jobs, attract industry and facilitate the production of goods and services in the area for residents and non-residents. It will facilitate the development of affordable housing, engage in homebuyer assistance programs and market the area to encourage former residents and others to locate to the area.

Interim Director: D.J Neree, Esq. 

Assigned Attorney: Pablo Velez,
Phone: (305) 416-1882, Email:

Four of the voting members and one youth, non-voting member shall be appointed by the district 5 commissioner and confirmed by the city commission. One voting member shall be appointed by the city manager and confirmed by the city commission.

Board Members:

Lesline Anglade-Dorleans (Chair)

Ashley Toussaint (Vice Chair)

Alisa Cepeda (Secretary)

Robert Holland

Roody Meme

Term Limit: 2 year Terms, limited to 2 Consecutive Terms, then 2 year break.

Positions: 6 in total. 6 occupied. No vacancies.


Code Section:

Chapter 12.5 – Little Haiti Revitalization Trust

Meeting Frequency: As Scheduled.

Affecting Legislation: Code Chapter 12.5; Ordinance 13834