Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance Program

Please be advised

Applications for this program are no longer being accepted, as all available funding has been committed.  See below for updates. 

As of July 2020, The City is collaborating with several local non-profit agencies to work through the Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance Program waitlist as quickly as possible. These agencies are as follows: Center of Information and Orientation, Inc., Care Resource, Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida, Spanish American Basic Education and Rehabilitation (SABER) and Sunshine For All.  Applicants on the waitlist may receive an e-mail from any of these non-profits requesting documents in order to process their case.

SCAM ALERT: If any person calls you,(other than the agencies mentioned above) suggesting they are calling on behalf of the City of Miami in relation to applying for the Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance Program, this is a scam. Please hang up immediately.

The Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance Program has $2 million in funding to help approximately 1,300 eligible applicants. There were 5,867 applicants deemed preliminarily eligible based on the information provided in their submission during the application period. A computerized lottery was held on May 11, 2020 to establish a numerical order for processing these applicants. Inclusion in the lottery waitlist does not mean the applicant is confirmed eligible or the applicant will receive assistance. 

Staff will contact persons from the list in numerical order via e-mail from a miamigov.com address. We will be requesting supporting documentation for processing as required by program guidelines. If the applicant is unable to produce supporting documentation within the required time-frame, we will move on to the next applicant on the list, in numerical order. 

PLEASE NOTE: Because program funding is limited, not all persons on the waitlist will be contacted. We will contact persons in the order of the lottery until all of the funds are exhausted. Once funds are exhausted, we will post that update here.  

We are currently assisting clients up to number 4628 on the wait list. 

Below are the lottery results (in numerical order):

Rental Assistance Lottery Results 0001 to 1500
Rental Assistance Lottery Results 1501 to 3000
Rental Assistance Lottery Results 3001 to 4500
Rental Assistance Lottery Results 4501 to 5867

Program Overview

The City of Miami Emergency Rental & Utilities Assistance Program is designed to provide one-month rental and utility assistance to low-income (60% AMI or less) residents who have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and cannot afford to pay their rent, utilities or both. The program provides eligible households with one-time assistance of up to $1,500.00. Program is subject to funding availability. Qualifying utility costs to be paid include electricity, water, and gas. It does not include telephone, internet or cable bills.

This program is only available to applicants who are renters. The program will not issue payments directly to applicants, but rather payments will be sent directly to landlords and utility companies which must be willing to participate in this program. Landlords must be able to provide the City with completed W-9s and ACH/Direct Deposit forms.

The ability to submit an online application for this program does not constitute acceptance, meeting minimum qualification criteria, nor is it a guarantee of a program award. All information submitted will be individually verified and households who provide misleading or false information or who apply more than once for the program (even under a different family member) will be disqualified.


To qualify, residents must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Must be a US citizen, permanent resident or granted legal status;
  2. Must be a City of Miami resident. To verify you live in the City of Miami, please visit the following site and look for your address: https://miamigis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=e44c932135584e77b4ad9866a0798568
  3. Not able to pay for rent and/or utilities due to loss of income related to COVID-19. Must be able to demonstrate loss of employment income after March 1, 2020.
  4. Current monthly income is less than:
    • $3,200 for an individual household
    • $3,660 for a two-person household
    • $4,115 for a three-person household
    • $4,570 for a four-person household
    • $4,940 for a five or more-person household
  5. Applicant/Landlord must not be receiving household subsidies from any other federal, state, and/or local program for the unit the applicant is living in. Such programs include, but are not limited to: Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher / Mod-Rehab, HOPWA Tenant Based Rental Assistance, Public Housing, Section 202, or VASH.
  6. Rent and Utilities must be current as of February 2020.
  7. No member of the applicant’s household is self-employed.
  8. Must not have liquid assets or other sources of capital from where rent and utilities can be paid from.

Common Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Q1: I am on the waitlist. What happens next?

A: When we arrive at your number on the waitlist, a staff person will contact you from a miamigov.com address to the e-mail address you provided on your application, in order to advise you of the documents we require in order to process your case (that list of documents is included below in Question #7). The case worker will also follow up with a phone call to the phone number you provided in your application if you do not respond to the e-mail.

Q2: I am on the waitlist, does that mean I will get assistance?

A: Inclusion in the lottery waitlist does not mean the applicant is confirmed eligible or the applicant will receive assistance. When the applicant is contacted by a staff person, the applicant will receive a list of all of the documents he/she must provide for the household to ensure the applicant’s household is eligible for the program based on program guidelines. This includes information for all adults (ages 18 and up) in the household, in compliance with federal guidelines. If the information required  is not supplied, we cannot provide assistance.

Q3: You have not yet reached my lottery number on the waitlist. Can someone please call me (via phone) about my case?

A: Due to the number of persons on the waitlist (approximately 5,800 in total), we cannot phone persons about their case until their number is called from the waitlist.

Q4: Up to what number have you called from the waitlist?  

A: The number is indicated at the top of this page in gray. 4628

Q5: Have you assisted all of the people who have been called from the waitlist to date?

A: No. Some persons called from the waitlist were not assisted because: (1) they did not supply the required documents; (2) they were found to be ineligible; (3) they opted out of the program; (4) they did not respond to an e-mail/voicemail reference their waitlist number.

Q6: I am unsure of my number on the waitlist. What do I do?

A: You can access the full waitlist (four pages) at the following link -- https://www.miamigov.com/Government/Departments-Organizations/Housing-Community-Development/Emergency-Rental-and-Utility-Assistance-Program.

Or you can send an e-mail to communitydevelopment@miamigov.com.

Q7: What documents will I need to provide to the caseworker once I am contacted?

A: Please see list below of the documents being requested for every member of the applicant’s household over 18 years of age. A case cannot be processed unless all applicable documents are provided for the applicant’s household.

□ Copy of one of the following government issued photo I.D.s: Driver’s License, State of Florida I.D., Passport)
□ Copy of one of the following proving legal status: Citizenship/Certificate of Naturalization, Passport, Residency Card, birth certificate, or other proof of legal status
□ Proof of loss of income as of March 1st, 2020, one of the following:

  1. Payroll stubs or check stubs showing reduced income
  2. Letter from employer separating employment
  3. Proof that you filed for unemployment with the State of Florida

□ Current Income, all of the following, when applicable:
□ Payroll stubs (current), for all adults in household
□ The last tax return of all adults in household (2019 or 2018, if person applied for extension – please supply every page of the tax return)
□ Social Security Award Letter for any person in household who receives Social Security (if applicable)
□ No Income Affidavit form (if any adult in household is claiming zero income, we need this form completed and submitted)
□ Copies of bank statements (most recent last two months) for all adults in household


□ Copy of current, executed lease agreement (must be signed by landlord/tenant)
□ Proof of rent payment as of February 2020 (rent receipt or copy of cancelled check)
□ Copies of the following TWO documents from Landlord:

  1. IRS form W-9 (we will send you blank form)
  2. ACH Direct Deposit form (we will send you blank form)


□ Copy of full, most recent utility bill showing past due amount.

NOTE:  The City reserves the right to request additional information if needed.

Q8: What happens if I cannot provide all of the documents, only some?

A: Your case cannot be processed unless all of the requested documents are provided. This is a federally funded program and we ask for documents that are required to confirm your eligibility based on federal guidelines. No exceptions.

Q9:  What can I do if I was disqualified due to making a mistake while entering my address information in the program application:

A: The program was created to serve City of Miami residents only. The program received over 10,000 applications from residents throughout the Miami Dade County area. The system evaluated the addresses and zip codes entered to determine residency location. If the information entered indicated that the property was not located in the City of Miami, the application was disqualified. As a result, your application was not included in the lottery and can no longer be considered for assistance.

Q10: Based on the update provided on your web page of lottery waitlist numbers called to date, I should have been contacted by now but I have not been. What do I do?

When we call a number from the waitlist, we send an e-mail to the e-mail address supplied by the applicant in their online application. If we get no response to that e-mail, we follow up via a phone call to the phone number provided by the applicant in the online application. If you use another e-mail address or another phone number, we have no way of locating you. Please send an e-mail to communitydevelopment@miamigov.com so that we can have a caseworker contact you at a different e-mail or phone number.

Q11: What happens when the program runs out of funds?

A: We will update our website when the program runs out of funds. At that point, we can no longer call anyone from the waitlist.