Office Space Reopenings

Current Status

Open with Mandatory Requirements

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Mandatory Requirements

  • All visitors and tenants must sanitize hands at time of building entry and wear facial coverings while in the building.
  • Ensure there is single point of entrance (exits shall not be locked or obstructed).
  • Offices with cubicles or open space designs shall establish the minimum 6 feet of social distancing required; or install physical barriers between workstations (e.g., plexiglass partitions) to ensure distancing.
  • Call centers with multiple employees utilizing the same consoles shall establish alpha/bravo shifts and clean and sanitize equipment between shifts.
  • Signs shall be placed outside and inside elevators and other common areas (e.g., restrooms, breakrooms) to summarize key messages: restrictions to capacity, distancing, use of facemasks.
  • Medical offices shall have separate entrances for those with medical issues.
  • Play areas and gyms shall be closed until such areas are open via Emergency Order declaration.
  • CDC signage shall be located at the entry, lobby/waiting area, elevators, escalators, restrooms, tenant entrances mandating social distancing and proper hand washing/sanitizing.
  • Visual/physical markings shall be installed on floor and areas to accomplish distancing and arranged waiting areas to allow for proper social distancing (e.g., for check-in and elevators).
  • Use of common conference rooms, lunch rooms and other common areas shall be limited to reduce the gathering of large numbers of tenants or visitors.
  • All high touch surfaces shall be cleaned and sanitized in common areas, including railings, seats, ATMs, kiosks and elevator buttons every two hours; discontinue use of common drinking fountains.