Personal Grooming Business Reopenings

Personal Grooming Businesses: Reopening on May 20  

Personal grooming businesses – including hair and nail salons, barbershops and spas – must adhere closely to the following set of specialized rules, which are designed to keep customers and employees safe:


  • All services are by appointment only; absolutely no walk-ups permitted.
  • Employees must wear a facemask and gloves at all times.
  • Employees providing face-to-face services (beard/mustache, eyebrows, facials) must also wear a clear face shield when providing services.
  • Customers must wait outside of the store until called inside for their appointment (may wait in car or outside of store keeping proper social distancing from other waiting customers).
  • Customers must wear a facemask inside the store, which may only be removed when necessary to receive services.
  • Only customers receiving service may enter the store (parent/guardian may accompany minors receiving service).

Additional Considerations for Personal Grooming Stores 

I. Workforce Protection

• Minimum of 6 ft distance between customers, except families residing at same dwelling.

  • Capacity limited to 10 individuals (employees & customers) or 25% of building occupancy as required by law, whichever is smaller at any one time.  

• As possible, install plexiglass barrier between salon chairs.

• Only customers receiving service may enter the shop (except parent/guardian accompanying minor).

• All services require appointment; appointments must be recorded for tracking purposes and notification of others present in the shop, if positive COVID-19 case is reported. 

• Customers must wait outside of business (practicing social distancing) or in their cars until called for appointment.

• Paging system may be utilized similar to restaurants, so customers do not congregate outside or around the shop.

• Walk-ins are prohibited. 

II. Employee Protection 

• Employees must wear masks and gloves at all times, use of face shields is strongly encouraged.

• Employees must not share tools. 

• Hairdressers have to wear single-use aprons. 

• Face to face service requires a face shield being worn by groomer/stylist (e.g., beard/mustache, eyelashes, eyebrow, facial). 

III. Non-Employee Protection

• Customers must wear face masks (coverings may be removed when necessary to perform face services as instructed by groomers/stylist).

• Customers must be provided with disinfection spray on entry/exit. 

IV. Business Process Adaptations  

• Cleaning and disinfecting agents must be EPA registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal.

i. Reception and Retail Area 

• Discard old magazines and other non-essential items in the waiting area that cannot be disinfected. 

• Wipe down all soft surfaces (couches, chairs) with water and clean towel. 

• Clean and disinfect all hard, non-porous surfaces such as reception counter, computer keyboard, phones, door handles, light switches and point of sale equipment.

• Clean and disinfect all shelving, glass and display cases; keep product containers clean and dust free. 

• Place signage in window to notify customers of your diligence in practicing proper infection control. 

ii. Workstations – this must be performed after each service(s) provided to the customer 

• Clean and disinfect all non-porous implements used in your services (immersion, spray or wipe).

• Store properly disinfected implements in closed containers.

• Clean and disinfect all electrical implements used in your services. 

• Clean and disinfect chairs and headrests; consider barrier methods on chairs such as disposable paper drapes or towels that can be laundered after each client. 

• Clean and disinfect workstation, drawers and any containers used for storage. 

• Ensure that single use porous items are new.

• All items on a nail station must either be new, never used, or cleaned and disinfected (stored in a closed container until ready to use).

iii. Treatment Rooms/Laundry/Shampoo Bowls/Pedicure Bowls

• Clean and disinfect any appliances used.

• Clean and disinfect treatment tables.

• Ensure all single use items are new.

• Empty wax pots, completely clean and disinfect, and refill with new wax. 

• Any used linens must be washed and dried on the HOT temperature setting.

• All clean linens must be stored in closed covered cabinets. 

• Launder (porous) or disinfect (non-porous) all capes.

• Clean and disinfect all shampoo bowls, handles, hoses, spray nozzles and shampoo chairs after each use. 

• Clean and disinfect pedicure bowls after each use.

• Washing hair before a cut is compulsory.

• Encourage paperless transactions and offer to email receipts if possible.

• All staff must wash hands before and after each service; if possible, it is recommended to wash hands in front of the customer.