Retail Business Reopenings

Current Status

Open with Mandatory Requirements

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Mandatory Requirements

  • Facial coverings must be worn at all times while in retail establishments.
  • Hand sanitizing dispensers or sanitizer shall be available at entrances and in common areas.
  • Customer queues at cashiers shall be spaced out with floor markers (every 6 ft).
  • Fitting rooms shall remain closed.
  • Occupancy load shall be limited to 50 percent of mall/store occupancy (ie. square footage of store divided by 60).
  • Ensure there is single point of entrance (exits shall not be locked or obstructed).
  • Signs shall be placed outside and inside elevators to limit capacity to 4 passengers, with visual markers for passengers to stand on.
  • Merchandise, particularly clothing, must be cleaned prior to being handled by customers and returned to shelves or display racks.
  • Cart and basket handles shall be sanitized between uses.
  • Car valet services are prohibited.
  • One-way circulation paths inside stores shall be marked with arrows at entry and exit points.
  • CDC signage shall be posted in publicly trafficked locations emphasizing measures to “Stop the Spread of Germs” (CDC) and exercise social responsibility (e.g., hygiene).
  • Stores/malls shall post a contact email address and/or telephone number for customers.