Miami Forever Climate Ready

City of Miami has always been vulnerable to hurricanes, storm surge, and flooding, and we have a strong history of thriving in the face of adversity. However, over the past decade Miami's acceptance and response to climate change has emerged as a new factor influencing the growth, and future trajectory, of the City. To ensure a sustainable and enduring future for the City and its residents, City of Miami is taking bold steps towards implementing an innovative and holistic approach to resilience.

The Miami Forever Climate Ready strategy is a living document. It involves multiple departments within the City and strategic partnerships beyond. We will shape our future through smart investments in resilient infrastructure, further strengthening of land use and building policies, advancing new mobility, technology, and housing solutions, and most importantly, increased community involvement. Learn more about Miami’s specific vulnerabilities to climate change and our efforts to date to address them by clicking on the banners below.

This site will be updated soon to reflect the recently released Miami Forever Climate Ready strategy.