Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan



In January 2020, Mayor Francis Suarez announced a carbon neutrality goal of reaching net zero City-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Since then, the City has released a greenhouse gas inventory and has started working on a greenhouse gas reduction strategy to determine the roadmap to carbon neutrality. As an interim goal, the City is aiming to cut Citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 60% from 2018 levels by 2035. 

Current Status (as of April 22, 2021): draft release and public comment
Draft GHG Plan is available and the public comment form will be open for public review for 30 days, closing on May 23rd at 11:59PM ET. Use the links below to read the Draft GHG Plan, entitled Miami Forever Carbon Neutral, and to submit comments via form. We will review all input once the public comment period is over, make necessary updates to the Plan and aim to release a final version in summer 2021.

Read DRAFT of Miami Forever Carbon Neutral

Provide comment on the DRAFT of Miami Forever Carbon Neutral

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The goal of this project is to develop a robust, science-driven and implementable action plan to reduce the City’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, the root cause of climate change and sea level rise. Specifically, the City has set forth a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The plan must achieve these targets while also demonstrating how the strategies and actions will result in living wage job opportunities for residents and business opportunities for local businesses. In short, an inclusive GHG mitigation plan will:

  • Develop a pathway to deliver an emissions neutral city by 2050 and set an ambitious interim target.
  • Support the City’s ambitious plans to adapt and improve its resilience to climate hazards that impact the city now and in the future.
  • Consider adaptation and mitigation in an integrated way, identifying interdependencies to maximize efficiencies and minimize investment risk.
  • Outline the wider social, environmental and economic benefits derived from implementing the plan, and improve the accessibility of these benefits by the city’s population.
  • Outline the City’s governance, powers and the partners who need to be engaged to accelerate the delivery of the City’s mitigation targets and resilience goals.
  • Set an evidence-based, inclusive and deliverable plan for achieving mitigation centered on an understanding of the city’s powers, influence and wider context.
  • Establish processes to monitor progress, evaluate achievements and refresh climate action planning in line with governance and reporting systems.



Activity Date and time
General feedback survey 02/08/21 through 03/05/21
Mayor's Resilience Action Forum 02/23/21 at 3:00PM
Zoom Meeting #1* 03/02/21 at 7:00PM
Zoom Meeting #2* 03/03/21 at 7:00PM
Zoom Meeting #3* 03/04/21 at 7:00PM
Targeted stakeholder meetings 03/08/21 through 03/31/21
Mayor's Resilience Action Forum 03/23/21 at 3:00PM
Draft release and review 04/22/21 through 05/23/21
Mayor's Resilience Action Forum 04/27/21 at 3:00PM
Virtual Townhall with Commissioner Russell
05/20/21 at 6:00PM

*All Zoom meetings will have the same content and be conducted in the same manner; three dates are provided for public convenience. Please register prior to the meeting.

In January 2020, City of Miami joined the C40 Cities network and Mayor Francis Suarez announced a carbon neutrality goal of reaching net zero City-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This goal is alignment with the globally accepted Paris Climate Agreement aiming to “keep global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels” and “pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C” which will significantly reduce the severity of climate change impacts and assure a better quality of life for generations to come.

In addition, City of Miami has declared a climate emergency, urging the State of Florida and the United States & government to declare a climate emergency, and requested regional collaboration on an immediate emergency mobilization effort to restore a safe climate. The Miami Forever Carbon Neutral plan serves to address the climate emergency and lay out a plan for the City to make ambitious and necessary greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Read the climate emergency resolution

Learn more about climate change in Miami


After researching, we have determined the City should commit to a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2018 levels by 2035 in order to remain on track to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. We cannot achieve this impressive and necessary reduction alone – it will take the cooperation of all City departments in addition to private sector, FPL, TECO/FCG, the State and Federal government to assist and meet their promises. A breakdown of the GREEN goals the City is pursuing to achieve a 60% greenhouse gas reduction by 2035 and the associated stakeholders are briefed below: 

  • Getting Around Miami
    • Sub-goal: 15% shift away from private vehicle usage by 2035 
  • Renewable Energy
    • Sub-goal: 100% carbon-free electricity and energy by 2035
    • Sub-goal: 60% reduction in natural gas emissions from existing buildings by 2035
    • Sub-goal: 100% net zero emissions new construction by 2030
  • Electric Vehicles
    • Sub-goal: 36% of passenger trips from electric vehicles by 2035
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Sub-goal: Improve energy efficiency in buildings to decrease overall energy consumption and support achievement of Goal 2: Renewable Energy 
  • New Economy