Apply for ACH/Direct Deposit with the City

Are you a vendor and would like to be paid via direct deposit to your bank account? The City of Miami provides quick and easy payment through ACH/Direct Deposit, just fill out this form.

NOTE: You must already be registered as a vendor/supplier with the City of Miami to complete this process.  If you are not yet registered, you may do so here


Gather Information

You will need to know the following before filling out this form:

  • Vendor name, number (if applicable), full address  
  • Your FEIN/TIN/Social Security #
  • Bank Name/Address/Phone #
  • Bank account #
  • Routing #
  • Voided Check or Deposit Slip or Bank Verification letter (on bank letterhead and a recent bank statement)

Fill out Form

Click here to fill out the ACH Form

If you need a physical form to print and submit in-person, you can find it here.(PDF, 130KB)
NOTE: Direct Deposit usually takes 7-10 days to become active.