Download Your CU or BTR License

Have you applied and been approved for a Certificate of Use/Business Tax Receipt and need to download a copy of your license? Or, do you need to update your business information in our system in order to receive renewal emails, approvals, and more?  The City of Miami is working on of improving the Business Licensing process and has launched new tools to help you apply for your CU and BTR.

NOTE: If you applied for a CU/BTR in our new "eStart" system (anytime after 2/20/21), you will automatically receive your renewal invoice via email. If you have any questions, please Request a Zoning Callback

RENEWALS: Renewals take place 10/1/2021.  If you did not receive a renewal invoice or license via email, this means we do not have a business email on file for you. You MUST follow the below to update your account.



Complete your Certificate of Use/Business Tax Receipt Application

  • You can only download your license once you've applied for your BU/CTR, paid your invoice, and been approved.
  • For renewals, there is no application process - you simply need to pay for the invoice you received. 
  • If you did not receive your renewal invoice or lost it, contact our Finance Department. 

Update Your Business Email

NOTE: If you applied after 2/20/21 and used our new, eStart system, we already have your correct email, you can skip to the next step. 

If you are renewing your license, we need to ensure we have a business email contact (not a personal/group/runner's email) for you. Please update your account with your business email in MiamiBiz. 

Log Into MiamiBiz

Download Your License

NOTE: If you applied for your CU/BTR in eStart, the option to download your license will be available after 10/1/21. 

  • For everyone else, to download your license (or update business contact information) log into MiamiBiz
  • Click on the Owner Profile section.
  • Download License. 
  • Edit your information, if applicable, and save the changes.