City of Miami Special Events

Applications & instructions

Thank you for hosting your event with the City of Miami

To obtain a Special Events permit and to coordinate required city services, please complete the online version of the application in its entirety. Please also review and print the application for your records before submitting. For ALL special events please note that notification letters must be sent to residents/businesses within a 500 ft. radius of your desired event location. This letter must be sent certified mail to each patron with a return receipt. Please also list on your letter the following information: For questions or concerns please contact Vicente Betancourt, Film & Cultural Administrator, 305-416-1072.

To complete the special events process you will need to:

Special events permit

Step 1 Before completing any applications, please read and fill out the City Of Miami Indemnity Agreement.

Step 2 Apply for your special events permit

Step 3 Fill out any City Services Permit Applications* (*if applicable)

Step 4 Submit General Liability Insurance Certificate


Notification Letter Instructions
Building Permit Application
Business Tax Receipt
Temporary Road Closure
Alcohol/Special Sales License
Alcohol Extension Form


Application for Temporary Officer
Street Closure Permit Application

Miami Parking Authority

Lot Facility Rental Procedure
Meter Rental


Assembly Permit Application
Explosion Permit Application
Fireworks Permit Application


Parks Recreation Fees

Neighborhood Enhancement Team (N.E.T.)

City of Miami Neighborhood Associations
Special Events Signature Survey Form

special events application fee

Per Event

Fill Out Application

Pay in cashier's check, money order or

Pay Online