How to Apply

Special events permit

Step 1 Event organizer contacts the Special Events Office to check location availability on the event date.

Step 2 Event organizer completes a Special Events Permit Application and other applications as needed.*

Step 3 Applicants are required to submit proof of insurance coverage to be verified.

Step 4 Event Organizer is invited to attend the Special Events Board Meeting to discuss details and further needs of the event (every 2nd Wednesday of the month).

Step 5 Special Events Office coordinates logistics, city services and fees.

Step 6 If approved, a Special Events Permit will be issued for the event. Without a permit, the event is prohibited.

Step 7 Walkthroughs are conducted before and after the event to ensure all requirements are being met by the event organizer.

*NOTE*: Depending on the nature and scope of your event, City of Miami services must be hired to ensure a safe and successful event. Staffing will be determined by City Administration and may include Police, Fire Rescue, Solid Waste, Parks and others. Event Organizers will also need to display a route map/site plan for the event. If using street closures, a maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan is required to be displayed to City Staff. This document is provided by a barricade company of your choice.

Applications for all events held in Coconut Grove & Little Havana Special Events District should be submitted at least 120 days prior to the date of the event. Coconut Grove BID applicants are also required to attend a Coconut Grove Festival Committee Meeting. Please visit the Coconut Grove website for more information.

Certain activities must be approved by the City Commission. Advanced planning is essential to ensure that you obtain all necessary permits and approvals.