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Recycling The The City of Miami Department of Solid Waste provides curbside recycle collection once per week. All City of Miami residents in single family residences and up to three residential units have curbside recycling service available to them. Participation varies according to neighborhood, with an average of 42% citywide. City residents recycle approximately 400 tons of newspaper and 225 tons of aluminum cans, glass bottles, jars and plastic bottles monthly. We recycle type 1 (PETE) and type 2 (HDPE) plastic containers at your curbside (any color). City Residents are provided with one 14 gallon blue recycle bin.

To determine your recycle pick-up day, please refer to the Recycle Routes Reference Map or contact 311.

Why Recycle?

It's good for the environment; recycling conserves energy
It saves the earth and resources for future generations
It is the right thing to do!
It's easy to participate

Allowable Recyclables

Brown, green, and clear glass bottles and jars


Aluminum/tin cans

Milk & juice cartons made from paper

Plastic bottles or containers such as soft drinks, water, orange juice, ketchup, shampoo, etc.

Small boxes (must be flatten and fit inside your blue bin)

Corrugated cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes, kids juice boxes, etc.

Paperboard boxes such as cracker boxes, beer, soda holders, paper egg crates, etc

What can't be recycled at this time?

Pizza boxes

Styrofoam egg cartons

Styrofoam food containers such as cups, plates, meat packaging tray from the grocery store, take home food

Paint cans     Contact the Home Chemical Collection Center at 311 for disposal
                      8831 NW 58th Street
                      Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                      Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Batteries     Contact the Home Chemical Collection Center at 311 for disposal

Used motor oil and motor oil containers     Contact the Home Chemical Collection Center at 311 for disposal

Button and nickel cadmium batteries from cell phones etc should be taken to the Home Chemical Center or a participating store such as Radio Shack, Target, Home Depot etc.)

Plastic bags should go back to the grocery store for recycling.

Frequently Asked Recycling Questions

Q: Do I have to remove wrappers from aluminum cans and glass bottles and jars?

A: No, but please empty all remaining food and liquid from them. This will help keep your bin clean while aiding in the recycling process.

Q: What should I do with fluorescent light bulbs?

A: Residents wishing to dispose of fluorescent light bulbs are asked to contact the Home Chemical Collection Center at 311.

Q: Can paper or Styrofoam food containers and Styrofoam egg crates be recycled?

A: No, paper or Styrofoam food containers should go in the garbage. Many supermarkets like Publix will accept Styrofoam egg crates for recycling. They can also be reused for painting projects or other craft projects

Q: What should I do with a large quantity of cardboard that does not fit inside the blue recycle bin?

A: Any small flatten cardboard boxes can fit inside your blue recycle bin. If you have a large quantity of cardboard, you can take it to a local paper recycler. Check the phone listings for one nearby.

Q: Can I recycle yogurt and cottage cheese containers?
A: No. Please recycle narrow neck plastic bottles only such as soda and water bottles, cleaning products such as window cleaner, bathroom products such as shampoo and other food items such as ketchup etc.

Q. Can I recycle aerosol and other steel cans?
A: Aerosol cans can be placed in your green garbage container. Since aerosol cans are made of steel, it is automatically recycled at Miami Dade County's waste to energy facility. It is collected there by a large magnet and then sold to a metals recycler.

Q: Where do the recyclables collected at the curb go?

A: We are fortunate in the south to have reasonably good markets for recyclables. All materials go through an intermediate processor who prepares the materials for markets and ships them to the various paper mills, plastic, glass or aluminum plants. The City does receive some revenue for most of the materials, which is put towards the overall program cost. Revenues generate less than 10% of the overall program cost.

Q: What if I live in an apartment complex? Will the City provide recycling at our condo/apartment complex?

A: Yes, we provide containers for residents to recycle if they have a single family residence or an apartment complex of 3 or less units if they choose to have service with the City. More than three units need private service. Call the Solid Waste Customer Service line at 311 for further assistance.

Q: How is the success of the recycling program measured?

A: One determinate of success is participation. Placing your blue bin out for a minimum of once a month for collection is considered participating.
Q: What about yard waste? Where can it be recycled?

A: The Solid Waste Department provides yard trash collection once a week to residential homes in the city. Green yard trash is collected, processed at our Virginia Key Facility and grinded to mulch and made available to residents and the community for use.

Q: Who can I call with questions?

A: For general questions about recycling, please call 311.

Recycling Tips....

  • Rinse and step on plastic containers to provide more space in recycling bins and throw tops in with your garbage.
  • Missed recycling, please call 311
  • Blue bins must be placed on the right of way and 5 feet away from any visual obstruction (i.e. garbage container, trash pile, vehicle, etc.)
  • Blue bins stay with property, please leave them if you move
  • Stacking of blue bin on top of newspaper will keep paper dry during light rains.
  • Heavy rain forecast, please hold for next clear day recycling day
  • Old telephone books can be recycled from November – February

Interesting Recycling Facts:

  • Hotels will create 1.5 pounds of solid waste per day per room
  • 1 ton of solid waste is equal to 3.5 cubic yards of solid waste
  • Each person produces 3.5 pounds of solid waste per day
  • One three foot stack of newspapers is equal to one tree, approximately 30 feet tall
  • One three foot stack of newspaper weighs 100 pounds
  • To make one ton of virgin paper uses 17 trees (3 2/3 acres of forest)
  • 62,860 trees must be cut to provide pulp for a single edition of the Sunday New York Times.
  • Recycling one aluminum can saves the energy equivalent to one cup of gasoline.
  • A steel mill can reduce its water pollution 76% and mining wastes 97% using scrap metal, such as steel cans, instead of iron ore.
  • In the summer, nearly one third of all summer waste handled by garbage haulers consists of grass clippings.
  • In the fall, leaves comprise as much as half of all waste generated by residents.
  • One dollar out of every $11 spent on groceries goes to pay for packaging
  • 32% of all municipal waste is from packaging.
  • Americans are the world’s trashiest people. US citizens consume more goods per capita than any other nation in the world.

Each Year We Throw Away:

  • Enough aluminum to rebuild the entire American Airlines air fleet 71 times.
  • Enough steel to reconstruct Manhattan
  • Enough wood and paper to heat 5 million homes for 200 years.
  • One third of all of the food we buy

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