Regatta Park

Public Meeting #1 - January 2014

As part of the implementation of the Coconut Grove Waterfront and Spoil Islands Master Plan and now that the Expo Center has been taken down, the City of Miami is seeking public input regarding the area known as "Regatta Park."

The goal of the overall Master Plan is to strive "to transform the underutilized waterfront into more cohesive and vibrant public spaces and reorganizes the Expo Center and Dinner Key Marina areas into a concentrated working waterfront for recreation, education, and live-aboards."

The second of three public meetings was held on Monday, March 10, 2014 to provide stakeholders with a summary of comments received at the first meeting and to receive additional public input regarding three major categories 1.) Park/Water Access, 2.) Park/Commercial Uses and 3.) Facilities/Infrastructure.

Below are links to all the public comments submitted as part of the first meeting. 
Meeting #2: Public Comment Cards
Meeting #2: Public Comment Boards

Subsequent meetings will follow to summarize findings and present results of the public process. 
The scheduled for the next meeting is T.B.D