Hurricane PSA: Post-storm Tree FAQ

We understand that in the aftermath of the storm, many trees may be damaged and/or are high-risk. Please read on for information on how to SAFELY, legally prune and remove high-risk trees. Storm Fallen Tree

But first, here’s some good news:

Trees standing after a storm like Hurricane Irma can end up being STRONGER trees, more stable and resilient to future storms, winds, and other disturbances. Strong winds demand trees to hunker down with all their might in their root systems, therefore, trees adapt to windy conditions by strengthening and bolstering their root systems.

When we think about tree health, we often think about trunk, branches, and leafy canopy - the obvious parts above ground that we can see. However, much of the mighty resilience in a tree comes from down below in the root system; a strong, far-reaching root system yields a healthy, adaptable tree that has a sturdy enough base to reach its canopy tall and wide. Don not assume that a tree after a storm is a compromised one. In many cases, after withstanding strong winds, a tree will be tougher and an even greater contribution to our urban canopy!

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