Historic Preservation Applications

Applications are required for changes to a designated historic, archeological, or environmental property. Different application forms are used depending on the work proposed. Supplementary materials must accompany each application. Please see the link below for the list of materials. View links below with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Applications subject to Preservation Office Fees, listed on the application.

Administrative Review

The following Applications for Minor Work in Historic, Archeological, and Environmental properties can be reviewed and approved by Staff. Submittal Requirements are provided with each form.

Standard Certificate of Appropriateness
Application types: Minor Alterations - Historic Property This form is used for minor changes to the exterior of an existing property or its setting within a historic site or historic district.

Standard Certificate to Dig
Application Types: Minor Ground Disturbing Activity - Archeological Area This form is used for minor excavations, filling, digging, removal of trees, or similar work within an archeological zone or archeological conservation area.

Standard Certificate of Environment
Application Types: Tree Permits, Minor Alterations - Environmental Resource This form is used for minor tree removal and landscape alterations or minor alterations to a property located on a Scenic Transportation Corridor or Environmental Preservation District. This form is also required to apply for a tree permit.

Historic and Environmental Preservation Board (HEPB) Review

New Construction, Major Alterations, and Demolitions in Historic, Archeological, and Environmental areas must be reviewed by the HEPB. More information on the HEPB procedure and submittal requirements is included in each application package, below.
Submittal Requirements are provided with each form.

HEPB Application for Major Projects
Application Types: New Construction or Major Alterations - Historic, Archeological, or Environmental This form is used for any large project within a Historic, Archeological, or Environmentally-designated area, including new construction, major building alterations, major ground-disturbing activity, or major landscape alterations.

Ad Valorem Tax Exemption

Ad Valorem Tax Exemption is a City of Miami and Miami-Dade County program to assist the owners of Designated Historic Properties. For more information, and to obtain an application, contact the Preservation Office.

Ad Valorem Tax Exemption FAQ’s