Tech Kids STEAM Program



After a long day at school children don’t want to sit and hear another “talking head”.  They want to have fun.  So we give it to them. We conduct FUNshops, not classes.  No lectures here. We tell stories and perform children theater, with a scientific spin of course.  Then we give them a bunch of cool objects they can build with their own hands.  The best part comes as they make the connection from what they have built to their daily life – it’s relevant. 

Our STEAM Program, offered at no additional as part of the After School Program, gives children a safe place to participate in hands-on experiments in very basic electricity, technology, mechanical engineering, small robotics and science.  These fun, safe, kid-friendly projects come from well-known scientific companies including LittleBits electrical components, Science Bob, Steve Spangler and many more.

STEAM After School Program runs from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., for children ages 6 - 13 during the school year and is offered at each of the following parks.

After School Program Parks

Armbrister Park 
Athalie Range Park
Bryan Park 
Buena Vista Park 
Charles Hadley Park 
Coral Gate Park 
Curtis Park Sports Complex 
Dorsey Park 
Elizabeth Virrick Park 
Juan Pablo Duarte Park
Gibson Park 
Grapeland Heights Park 
Henry Reeves Park 
Henderson Park
Jose Marti Park 
Kinloch Park 
Legion Memorial Park 
Lemon City Park 
Lummus Park 
Little Haiti Park
Moore Park 
Morningside Park 
Peacock Park
Roberto Clemente
Robert King High Park 
Shenandoah Park 
West End Park 
Williams Park