Model City NET

About Model City

Model City consists of a number of districts-residential, commercial, cultural and educational-that together comprise a single community of quiet homes, entrepreneurial activity and economic growth. Its population is 25,897, made up mostly of African-American residents. This neighborhood has made economic expansion and crime fighting a priority. By tackling these issues, this community is determined to succeed in providing a better environment to improve the economic development opportunities in the area. One of Model City's most pleasing residential areas is Manor Park, currently known as Hadley Park. It is most popular with professionals who value the quality and moderate prices of the single-family homes and home sites found there.

Affordable housing in Model City also received a tremendous boost with the completion of the $5.5 million Edison Towers, the first new high-rise in the area in a long time. In addition, Edison Gardens and Edison Terraces also provide quality residential developments in the area, along with the New Horizons Apartments for the elderly, symbolizing a new commitment to providing decent housing at reasonable costs for the aged in Model City. Working together with the Departments of Economic Development and Community Development, Model City NET puts high in its priority list rendering the necessary assistance to the economic development and housing ventures in this neighborhood. Model City NET works diligently with Code Enforcement to identify quality of life issues as an effort to improve community appearance. Expanded community policing efforts, in a working relationship with the Miami Police Department's Impact Teams, have greatly reduced crime, robberies and illegal activities.

The Edison Center Business District is a focal point of black entrepreneurship in Dade County. A new strip mall has been completed and presently has a grocery and other retails stores that are open for business. In addition, there is a proposed plan to develop a transportation village in the area East of I-95 to NW 7th Avenue, between NW 58 – 63rd Street. This will allow minority-owned businesses to grow in this expanding commercial area. Areas and institutions of special community pride in Liberty City include Martin Luther King Boulevard, Belafonte-Tacolcy Youth Center, MLK Business Center and Model City Mini Police Station.