Miami Believe

What is the Believe campaign?

“Believe” is a community awareness and empowerment campaign that will:

A Reason to Believe

Part of what makes an area desirable is others wanting to live there. The City of Miami has launched a bold new campaign to inspire, empower and transform our neighborhoods into the best place to live, work, play and learn. The intent of the “Believe” campaign is to raise awareness amongst residents about the City’s commitment to constituent services. The “Believe” campaign also seeks to show residents that things are changing in the City of Miami and that citizens have tangible reasons to “Believe”.

Phases of the Believe Campaign:


Inspire is the first phase of the “Believe” campaign. This 90 day campaign will take place from January 12 - March 31, 2012. During that time, the City of Miami will release a series of Public Service Announcements on television and social media.

These commercials will feature neighborhood heroes and hometown greats that share powerful stories of resilience and dedication to never stop believing in themselves and in the City of Miami. The campaign also consist of t-shirts, bus shelters, billboards, banners and bumper stickers with the message “Believe” in English, Spanish and Creole.


Empower is the second phase of the “Believe” campaign and will take place from April 1- June 30. During the Empower phase of the “Believe” campaign. the City of Miami will focus on disseminating information to residents on various programs and initiatives . These programs and initiatives will address quality of life issues in our neighborhoods such as: crime, affordable housing, small business assistance, economic development and health and wellness programs in city parks.


Transform is the last and most important phase of the “Believe” campaign. During this phase, the City of Miami will highlight and promote the various cultural corridors and construction projects that are underway in the City of Miami.

How can I find out more information on the “Believe” campaign? Throughout the “Believe” campaign: flyers, banners, buttons and window signs with the message “Believe” will be distributed throughout City of Miami neighborhoods. Information about the campaign will also be available at your local NET office.

Participating sponsors include the City of Miami, Comcast, Clear Channel Outdoor, Fuel Outdoor and US Century Bank. For more information on the “Believe” campaign, contact the Office of Communications at (305) 416-1440.