programs & initiatives


Bike Initiatives

The City of Miami created a citywide Bicycle Master Plan. The master plan is the city's guiding document and one of the steps aimed at creating a diverse set of transportation alternatives. It supports a lively, active city for all residents and guests. The master plan's development includes 2 public summits (input sessions), the collection of existing data and analysis in a report, a bicycle parking study, the development of bicycle parking standards/guidelines, an updated bicycle network map, educational materials, and evaluation tools for use by City staff involved in coordinating, planning, designing, and constructing bicycle lanes and facilities within the city's limits.


Elevate Miami

The City of Miami launched a comprehensive Digital Inclusion program: Elevate Miami. The goal is to better prepare our community to participate and compete in the new digital society and digital economy by assisting our citizens in becoming more comfortable with and adaptable to new technologies. In pursuit of this goal, the City crafted a wide-ranging program to provide training (computer usage fundamentals, internet and web usage, financial fundamentals, better health through the internet, etc.) and affordable technology packages (internet access, hardware, software, financing, etc.) for residents. Target audiences include youth, low-income families, minorities, seniors and all residents facing barriers to digital inclusion.

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ACCESS Miami is a citywide, comprehensive empowerment strategy aimed at increasing residents' access to the financial tools and education that are fundamental to economic prosperity and success. The ACCESS model aspires to equip the entire community with the wealth-building tools necessary for economic self-sufficiency. The ACCESS Miami site informs and equips by containing details regarding news and events, programs and services, small business assistance, connection to business partners, jobs and even free tax preparation.

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Miami of the 21st Century. Miami 21 represents the "Miami of the 21st Century" and entails a holistic approach to land use and urban planning. It will provide a clear vision for the City that will be supported by specific guidelines and regulations so that future generations will reap the benefits of well-balanced neighborhoods and rich quality of life.

Miami 21 will take into account all of the integral factors that will make each area within the City a unique, vibrant place to live, learn, work and play. Six elements serve as the lynchpins in the development of the blueprint of Miami: Zoning (Miami 21 Zoning Code), Economic Development, Historic Preservation, Parks and Open Spaces, Arts and Culture, and Transportation.

The Miami 21 Zoning Code is a Form-Based Code guided by tenets of New Urbanism and Smart Growth principles. Visit the site to learn more about Planning Trends and see illustrative examples of form-based code.

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