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District Map

Commissioner Tomas P. Regalado

Mayor Tomas P. Regalado

(305) 250-5300 VOICE
(305) 858-5332 TTY
(305) 854-4001 FAX

Office of the Mayor

Commissioner Wifredo Gort

Commissioner Wifredo (Willy) Gort

District 1
(305) 250-5430  VOICE
(305) 250-5456 FAX
Office of Commissioner Wifredo (Willy) Gort

Commissioner Marc Sarnoff

Commissioner Ken Russell
(Vice Chairman)

District 2
Phone: (305) 250-5333 

Office of Commissioner Ken Russell

Commissioner Frank  Carollo

 District 3
(305) 250-5380 VOICE
(305) 858-5336 TTY
(305) 250-5836 FAX
Office of Commissioner Frank Carollo

Commissioner Francis Suarez

 District 4
(305) 250-5420 VOICE
(305) 858-5305 TTY
(305) 856-5230 FAX
Office of Commissioner Francis Suarez

Commissioner Hardemon

Commissioner Keon Hardemon

District 5
(305) 250-5390 VOICE
(305) 250-5399 FAX
Office of Commissioner Keon Hardemon

Daniel J. Alfonso

City Manager Daniel J. Alfonso

(305) 416-1025 VOICE
(305) 416-1019 FAX
Office of the City Manager

City Attorney Victoria Méndez 

(305) 416-1800
(305) 416-1801 FAX
Office of the City Attorney
444 SW 2nd Avenue, Suite 952
Miami, Florida 33130

City Clerk Todd B. Hannon

(305) 250-5360 VOICE
711 (Florida Relay Service) TTY
(305) 858-1610 FAX
Office of the City Clerk
3500 Pan American Drive
Miami, Florida 33133