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Single Family Replacement Program

The Single Family Replacement Housing Program is designed to address substandard and dilapidated housing units whose cost of repairs cannot be addressed through the Single Family Rehabilitation Program. It involves the demolition and reconstruction of a new 3 bedroom 2 bath house on the same lot.


Program Objectives

  1. Prevent moderately declining neighborhoods in the City from further deteriorating.
  2. Provide safe and decent housing to residents in the City. 
  3. Encourage interest in preservation in the broader neighborhood through rehabilitation activities.
  4. Partner with contractors and the construction industry in providing access to jobs by encouraging the hiring of neighborhood residents.

Snapshot of the Single Family Rehabilitation Program





All soft and hard costs relating to the construction of the new home are eligible. In addition, relocation, moving, and storage charges can also be paid out of the loan proceeds.


Eligible Properties:


Single Family owner-occupied properties with major structural defects that cannot be rehabilitated. The property must be free and clear of all liens and mortgages, except City of Miami municipal liens (if any), and Properties with first mortgages will qualify for replacement only if the Department is able to secure additional funding to pay off the first mortgage and the homeowner can afford the monthly payment associated with the new mortgage or the first mortgage lender subordinates to the City.




Households with income less than or equal to, 80% of the area median income adjusted for family size. However, in the case of rehabilitation funded with SHIP funds, the maximum household income can be of 120%; must be able to afford current monthly obligations; must be current in their mortgage, insurance, and taxes.


Loan Terms:

Maximum loan amount of $150,000.

0% ~ 3% based on household income.

Term: 30 years.





The loan will be secured by a second mortgage on the property.


Principal and all accrued interest will be due on sale or transfer or property prior to loan maturity. In the case of refinancing, other rules apply.


For more information regarding the City of Miamiís Single Family Replacement Program, please call (305) 416-2012.
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