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Single Family Emergency Rehabilitation Program

The Single Family Emergency Rehabilitation Program is designed to provide immediate assistance to homeowners to prevent further deterioration of the property

Program Objectives

  1. Immediately correct a housing condition that is hazardous for the resident.
  2. Provide immediate assistance to homeowners to prevent further deterioration of the property.
  3. Provide safe and decent housing to residents in the City.


Snapshot of the Single Family Rehabilitation Program

Eligible Rehabilitations:



a.     No running cold or hot water in the entire building;

b.    Sewage accumulation;

c.     Dangerously broken plumbing;

d.    House sewer obstructed;

e.     Supply line obstructed.


Central Heating and Cooling Systems:

a.     Boiler defective and inoperative, missing (existing);

b.    Gas burner defective and inoperable;

c.     Central AC defective and inoperable (when AC is medically necessary).



a.     Plaster loose, bulging, in unkempt condition, and in imminent danger or collapse.



a.     Doors and/or bulkheads broken and not secure;

b.    Stairs at entrance broken and causing hazard.



a.     Electricity not provided for entire building or visibly hazardous electrical defects;

b.    Water leakage affecting electrical fixtures, creating a fire hazard.



a.     Corning defective and in danger of falling;

b.    Parapet walls leaning or bulging, in danger of falling;

c.     Rain leaders and gutters defective, causing water to enter premises;

d.    Roof leaking or open to the elements.



a.     Windows and skylights broken and missing, permitting the elements to enter premises (windows must be out, not just cracked).


Other Hazardous Conditions

a.     Any documented unsafe condition


Eligible Properties:


All properties must be owner-occupied

Single Family Residence, Townhomes, Condominiums (some restrictions apply).




Households with income less than or equal to, 80% of the area median income adjusted for family size.


Loan Terms:

Maximum loan amount of $20,000

3% non-amortizing 10-year deferred loan. The entire principal and accrued interest is forgiven at the end of loan the term if the homeowner continues to own and reside in the property.





The loan will be secured by a second mortgage on the property.


Principal and all accrued interest will be due on sale or transfer or property prior to loan maturity.


For more information regarding the City of Miamiís Single Family Emergency Program, please call (305) 416-2149.


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