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Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Waiting List Information


The City of Miami, Department of Community Development last opened the Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation waitlist on December 2003. There were approximately twenty thousand (20,000) pre-applications received. All pre-applications were screened for eligibility and completeness and a random lottery number was assigned to all eligible applications.


Applicants will receive a housing offer by mail as vacancies become available. Preference is given to elderly and/ or disabled families. Therefore, families that fall in this status will have the opportunity of being assisted ahead of other families.



Waiting List Process:


The availability of funds and the opening of the application period is advertised periodically in a general circulation newspaper with citywide coverage at least 15 days prior to the acceptance of applications. Once the application period expires, all applications are entered in an electronic spreadsheet. This information is then used to generate a random lottery which determines the order of the waiting list. Once the waiting list is established, all applicants are informed, in writing, of their waiting list number. Receiving a waiting list number does not directly qualify the applicant for the program. An interview is scheduled with a Housing Specialist to determine final eligibility. If the applicant fails to follow all the instructions on the initial appointment letter sent by the Housing Specialist, the applicant will be removed from the waiting list.



NOTE: Applicants who received a waiting list number are responsible for ensuring that the City of Miami has their most updated contact information including current address and telephone number. If you have a waitlist number and have recently moved, please mail us your new information, including first name & last name, Social Security Number, waitlist number (if known), new address, and telephone number to the following address using certified U.S. postal service:


            City of Miami
            Department of Community Development
            Attention:  Section 8 Supervisor
            444 SW 2 Avenue, 2 Floor
            Miami, FL  33130


If you fail to notify the City of Miami of any changes chances are that the City will not be able to contact you and your application will be disqualified. The City of Miami has no responsibility for delays in the USPS service or for mail forwarding.