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Debris Collection Update for City of Miami

(Miami, FL October 12, 2017) - To date, more than 500,000 cubic yards of debris have been collected within the City of Miami.

In a presentation to the City Commission, Assistant City Manager Nzeribe Ihekwaba announced that contractors and City of Miami departments have picked up 67 percent of the estimated total of 750,000 cubic yards of debris. 

Commissioner Ken Russell asked about the mixed message regarding mixed debris.  Initially, residents were told piles where trash was mixed with vegetation would not be picked up.  Mr. Ihekwaba explained that was based on the expectation that FEMA would only reimburse for vegetation.  In addition, Miami-Dade County and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection recently provided clarification and approval that mixed piles can be processed at the debris management sites.  As a result, the City of Miami and its’ contractors have been picking up mixed debris.

Debris pickup teams are finishing up what’s called the first pass.  That means they’ll be going back out at least one more time to ensure streets are clean at the conclusion of this effort.  It’s expected the City of Miami will be finished before the end of November.

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