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City of Miami Recognized by Worldwide Organization for its Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence

(Miami, FL October 14, 2016) - The City of Miami has been highlighted with the "Initiative of the Month" by the Observatory of Living Together.

The "Observatory" is an association of cities worldwide, based in Montreal, Canada, committed to disseminate knowledge and good practices on issues related to social diversity.

The initiative "Reduction of Gun Violence", submitted to the Observatory by the Mayor Tomas Regalado, contained the steps taken to reduce the number of deaths and injured by the use of guns.

The steps or "approaches" to the problem have been: "Education" on the consequences of using a gun during a crime, including a 10 year mandatory prison sentence, and the forums "Talk It Through: Teen Community Engagement" where police officers create open and ongoing dialogues with the community.

The second is a rapid response to any gun fired by using a system known as "Shotspotter", which is a network of sensors and GPS signals placed on strategic rooftops. Cameras are attached next to the shotspotters.  There are 400 such cameras installed in the metro area.

The third is reducing the number of illegal guns on the streets by the program "Gun Buyback", where we offer to buy guns of any sort, paying owners with vouchers to buy food stuffs, tickets to sport events, etc. No questions are asked to the people bringing the guns. Hundreds of guns have been removed, including machine guns and assault rifles.

The fourth step has been an increase in the number of officers hired by the City.

Our police department has been crucial to the creation an implementation of the initiative. As a result, the City reported the lowest number of crimes since 1966.

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