Quality of Life Operations

The Office of Code Compliance aims to make the City of Miami streets, parks, and neighborhoods safer and cleaner. Below are several quality of life concerns that the Office of Code Compliance addresses in an effort to improve our community:

Abandoned and Inoperable Vehicles:

The goal of this initiative is to cite abandoned, inoperable, and untagged vehicles throughout the City of Miami. This improves the appearance of the City’s neighborhoods and removes possible driving hazards.

Illegal Mechanical Repairs:

When City residents repair vehicles from their homes, it can have a serious environmental consequence for the surrounding community. In an effort to preserve the community's rights, we cite this violation. 

Illegal Units:

In an effort to protect homeowners, we are ticketing illegal additons. When a contractors fail to pull a proper permits and schedule inspections, they jeopardize the safety of the homeowner and residents.

Facades, Junk in yards, Vacant & Unsecured properties

We want you to live in the best City possible. Part of this goal, is to ensure that we properly enforce our code.

Tax Revenue Task Force

The Department of Code Compliance launched the Tax Revenue Task Force with the goal of locating and citing unlicensed businesses throughout the City. As part of this operation, Code Compliance Inspectors visit businesses with the license applications in hand. If a business does not have proper licensing, the Inspector provides the necessary paper work facilitating the process for the owner. We want to help everyone be in compliance for the safety of our community.