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Civilian Investigative Panel
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The Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP), created by City of Miami Ordinance No. 12188, provides for independent and impartial citizensí oversight of the Miami Police Department.

The powers and duties of the panel are:

  • To conduct investigations, inquiries and evidentiary hearings into allegations of police misconduct.
  • To make factual determinations, facilitate resolutions and propose recommendations to the City Manager and Chief of Police.
  • To review and make recommendations regarding the Miami Police Departmentís existing policies and procedures, including training, recruitment and discipline and provide input to the Chief of Police prior to implementation of new or revised policies and procedures.
  • To request issuance of subpoenas for the purpose of obtaining evidence from witnesses, production of documents etc., after consultation with the State Attorney and CIP Independent Counsel.
  • To issue reports to the Mayor, City Commission, City Attorney, City Manager, Chief of Police and the public.
  • The CIP conducts public meetings on every third Tuesday of each month in addition to special and emergency meetings and public hearings. (Please contact the CIP to confirm meeting dates and times.)

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