Everything began in Europe, precisely in Sicily, where My Grand Father lived; a Taylor that loved his job, the same way I love mine... both with a special interest for scissors....
Years later, in Quilmes (Argentina) I was a kid that lived in a house that had the bathroom outside... I had a fun childhood, with parents that had a solid relationship, that loved me and that trusted their kids; I remember when the four brothers had jobs and we will put together the money to buy out parents a chalet. We were always a very close family.
The first salon was in front of what today is my "cuartel", names of streets in the city of Buenos Aires. It was called Jean Dicier, the name of a French river that I chose because it sounded elegant. We built the place as we could. My partner's father put all the materials to install the hair washers and the technical structure and the remaining 50% came from the sale of my Volkswagen Beetle adding to the few savings my family had.
And I started to grow... I became independent and my objective, the one I sacrificed everything for was traveling to Paris. In 1971 I left to the cradle of my profession with the objective to learn. I wanted to bring the best of Pret-A-Porter and show everybody here all the European designs. I walked the whole city, the couture houses... I went to all the fashion shows and I enjoyed reading all the letters that I received from the woman that later would become my wife and the mother of my three kids. I only bought instruments to work with, I made friends with famous designers and it was with them that I made my first fashion show in 1983, at that time I made my numbers; how much I had, what could I get, from whom and what amount... I feared risking too much, but I trusted I was ready for this adventure. I have organized many fashion shows since that time, making them has always been risky. They are an expensive investments... but I need to do them.
In regards to my business, I have around 500 people working in my 20 salons. They know they can contact me in any moment of the day. Here we are "all", they have a percentage of the profits. In the professional side I only set lines of style, I mark the limits, but each one searches its identity within those lines. I think that's the secret of my success.

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