Isabel Salazar has over 18 years of experience in the fashion industry working for reputable designers, and as a personal fashion stylist for socialites, actresses, actors, and athletes wife's, all of whom trusted her expertise and sense of style. She can take a good look at you and know exactly what you need. Many clients have said, "Isabel knows what colors work best for persons with any eye color or skin tone. Whether you work in an office, from your home, or on the road, she knows how to transform you. Isabel spends time with her clients, who try on many outfits that Isabel puts together as assembles. With so many years of experience helping others look their best, she realized that most of her client's main concern is their weight. Many are not happy with their bodies, or one or two parts of their bodies. Many wish they could have a flat tummy, smaller hips, smaller waist, and a round derriere. There is always something they want to correct. Most clients try on a fitted dress, for example, and exhaust themselves to maintain their stomach well tucked in. They often remark that it would be great to have that slimmer look naturally. An immediate solution would be surgery, but that is not an option for many. Instant Lipo is the alternative and an excellent solution. Isabel decided to come up with a solution for her clients who are now her friends. The best and fastest way to shape your body is with a girdle, similar to the ones used in the 1800's, when ladies wore corsets in order to achieve a smaller waist, but the corsets made long ago were very painful and uncomfortable to wear. Isabel designed a girdle that is easy to use and comfortable to wear, but at the same time a girdle that will instantly shape your body. After meeting with designers, Isabel came up with her own version of compression girdles, similar to the ones often times recommended after lipo-suction, a tummy-tuck or post-partum. The stronger fabric yields more immediate results, you will lose eight inches the moment you wear it. You may ask yourself, "But I didn't have any procedure done, why should I wear it?" , well, you don't have to have any procedure done to use our girdles. They are manufactured to help you shape your body and help you lose weight while at the same time firm your skin. Isabel has tried the girdle herself, and was able to lose 25 pounds in 3 months, she went from a size 8 to a size 0. She continues to wear her girdle to maintained her weight and most importantly, for her posture. Our girdles are so comfortable that you can wear it all day and not even know you are wearing it. Her clients are so excited about their girdles, most have been able to not only lose weight , but really feel so much better about themselves and their personal appearance. They feel sexy, feminine, and confident, and clothes shopping becomes more enjoyable, because their clothes fit so much better. Isabel started selling her girdles at her boutique and continues to do so, but the word got out, and now people all over the country want one as well, so the easiest way to satisfy every client that does not live in Miami, was to sell them through the web. Now you can experience what everyone is talking about at the water cooler at work. Isabel is very satisfied with the outcome of her designs and is currently working on different products for the near future, she likes to hear her clients opinions and ideas for other products so she will always listens and take her clients' comments very seriously.

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