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Welcome to the Solid Waste Department

The Keep Miami Beautiful campaign is a municipal maintenance program geared at more effectively addressing general issues of street litter, illegal dumping, and maintenance of sidewalks and alley ways. Additionally code violations such as graffiti, illegal signs, and other issues of neighborhood blight are addressed in order to improve our community's environment. This a coordinated program that involves the City's Department of Solid Waste, Neighborhood Enhancement Team, Code Compliance, and Public Works with the support of the Miami Police Department and the Office Communications.

The general strategy and approach involves weekly events at various areas organized in consultation with Home Owner and Business and Associations and other civic groups. This campaign to clean up our streets and neighborhoods and ensure code compliance is being publicized through various means that include social media, radio and television, as well as the use of promotional and educational materials directly handed out to businesses and residents.

As part of Keep Miami Beautiful , City elected officials are scheduled to visit educational institutions to promote public health and safety through an enhanced environmental cleanup of public streets, alleys, canals, shorelines, and other public spaces. The program sustains City efforts in reducing waste, increasing recycling, protecting natural areas of our neighborhoods, and community beautification through a cleaner environment. Moreover, there are several public benefits to the program among which are clean and safe sidewalks alley ways and public spaces.

On cleanup event days participants visit businesses and residents to educate them to take advantage of City services such as the biweekly recycling collections, nightly street sweeping, and the availability of mini dump facility at 1290 NW 20th street. Based on feedback received additional litter containers have been installed in high demand areas to prevent unsanitary conditions of major street corridors and public places. The Keep Miami Beautiful efforts have improved the operational performance of our street drainage system as we prevent litter from getting into storm outfalls that discharge into Biscayne Bay, Miami River, and local canals.

This a permanent program in which the City has committed to its success. We encourage the public to support this worthwhile effort by taking advantage of Keep Miami Beautiful.

If there are any questions, concerns, or comments please contact the Department of Solid Waste at 305-960-2801.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o comentario por favor llame al Departamento de Desechos Solidos al 305-960-2801.