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Our Mission 

Committed to facilitating and safeguarding in a neutral manner the hearing process for various City of Miami departments and for City of Miami residents


Hearing Boards is a Division within the Planning and Zoning Department. Hearing Boards processes and handles applications, petitions, advertisings, signs of posting, notifications to property owners and neighborhood associations, open violation cases and liens, and schedules public hearings and meetings to be held by the Planning and Zoning portion of the City Commission, the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board, the Code Enforcement Board, the Ticketing Appellate Board, the Nuisance Abatement Board and Red Light Camera program. Hearing Boards also assists with other boards and committees, such as the Waterfront Advisory Board and the Charter Review and Implementation Committee. Hearing Boards keeps all records, cases and documents pertaining to orders, resolutions and motions issued by the aforementioned boards. Staff processes the recording of liens and issues releases of liens related to code enforcement, ticketing and lot clearing; including, the recording of certain Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board resolutions. Staff is also responsible for the scheduling of all meetings at Miami City Hall, Commission Chambers and Staff Room.

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City of Miami Hearing Boards
Miami Riverside Center (MRC)
444 Southwest 2nd Avenue, 3rd Floor
Miami, Florida 33130

Telephone: (305) 416-2030
E-mail: HearingBoards@miamigov.com

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, except holidays
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM: Available by phone and to walk-in visitors
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM: Available by phone and by appointment

Contact: HearingBoards@miamigov.com
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