Program Overview

The Transportation division works on a daily basis on planning, developing, and managing transportation programs, studies, plans, and improvement projects. In addition, the Transportation division assists Design Managers on the development of transportation improvement projects and the City's Planning Department with traffic study reviews of proposed project plans. The staff also provides technical assistance on the City's behalf; represents the City at transportation project meetings; and coordinates efforts with agencies and project managers on transportation and safety issues. For each transportation program and project, a brief description of the project scope is provided.

Transportation traffic impact study reviews: Collaborates and works with the City's Planning Department on the review of small-scale proposed project plans for approval based on Miami 21 and other City requirements. In the case of large-scale proposed projects, the staff manages consultants procured by the City through the traffic study review process for Major Use Special Permit (MUSP), Special Area Permit (SAP) or Large Scale Class 2 applications. As part of the reviewing process the staff keeps and maintains records, provides guidance to project developers, and seeks for developer's commitment compliance.

Transportation improvement projects: Assists CITP with the development of transportation improvement projects from a complete streets point of view and manages consultant developing transportation improvements for the City. Reviews and comments on all transportation related improvement projects by other agencies (such as MPO, MDC, MDT, and FDOT, among others) For more information please click on 

Traffic operations coordination: Coordinates activities and collaborates with other City's Departments and agencies on the development of traffic operation management plan for special events.

Maintenance of traffic support: Hosts a Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) biweekly coordination meeting with project managers for the new developments within the Downtown, Brickell and Design District communities to ensure that transportation is not impeded by the recent increase in development. Furthermore, the Transportation staff collaborates with City's Public Work Department (PWD) and works closely with developers, as well as the County and State agencies, to mitigate the impacts of the ongoing construction in dense MOT areas.

Development of traffic calming manual and procedure - the City of Miami Traffic Calming Manual and Procedures is being developed in-house by the Transportation staff. It includes the development of a procedure flowchart, classification and prioritization process, tier analysis, and form development.