Traffic Engineering Studies

Pursuant to the 2015 Inter-local Agreement between the Miami-Dade County and City of Miami, the City assumes the installation and maintenance responsibilities of certain additional traffic engineering functions pertaining to its local municipal streets only and performs the function of conducting engineering studies for the feasibility and installation of traffic calming devices. CITP will now conduct engineering studies for the feasibility of designated types of traffic calming devices only on those municipal streets operated and maintained by the City, and are outside of 700 feet from existing traffic signals, County and State maintained roadways, school zones, hospital and bicycle facilities. All other locations that do not meet the criteria above will be forwarded to the County for evaluation and approval. The City's feasibility traffic engineering studies include:

Additionally, please note that Miami-Dade County Transportation and Public Works Department is responsible for the evaluation and approval of all traffic engineering requests which may include:

The County has a minimum 2-year period required before a re-evaluation of a traffic study for the same segment can be requested. For more information, read about traffic and transportation in the Miami-Dade County Code

For all other traffic related requests such as traffic studies, installation and maintenance of all traffic signs, roadway striping, and streetlight maintenance, please call 311 or send email to for assistance with these requests.