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Transportation Programs

The Transportation division manages and coordinates the Miami Trolley System, the On-Demand Transportation Program, and the Red-Light Camera Program. As part of the responsibilities of the Office, the staff actively seeks for projects and means to improve the efficiency of the programs provided to the communities within the City of Miami.

Miami Trolley

The Miami Trolley is a transportation service provided by the City of Miami. The system is comprised of 10 routes and provides extensive transit coverage to the major population and employment cores of the City. All routes operate on Monday-Friday, six routes on Saturdays, and two routes on Sunday. The City’s routes cover 52.44 route miles and operate up to 16.5 hours per day.

For more information on Trolley routes and hours of operation, please visit the Miami Trolley Website.

Miami Trolley Projects

Computer-Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL) system - In the fall of 2013, the Miami Trolley Computer-Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL) system has enabled the City’s dispatchers and administrators to access real-time tracking and arrival information was implemented. The CAD/AVL system was enhanced to facilitate engine diagnostics, detailed boarding/alighting per stop, headway analysis, hours of service, total miles, automated passenger count and automated reporting system. In spring of 2014 the Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) were installed on all trolleys, which has improved communication between dispatcher and drivers. The City’s monitoring capabilities and efforts have increased with the implementation of the CAD/AVL system.

Trolley Tracker system – In the fall 2013, the City’s real-time trolley tracking system was implemented. Accessible at, it provides riders with up-to-the-minute estimated times of arrival (ETAs) for the Trolley system, enabling riders to better plan their trips.

Smart Phone App - In November 2013, the first smart phone application was released to the public. The application, currently available in Apple App store, is free to download and allows system users to access real-time trolley information.

Automatic Voice and Text Announcement System (AVTAS) – On-going project for the development and implementation of an automatic voice and text announcement system for the Miami Trolley to comply with ADA stop announcement requirements.

On-Demand Transportation Program

The City of Miami (City) operates an On-Demand Transportation Program (On-Demand), a call-in advance transit service for low income seniors and/or persons with disabilities for specific trip purposes. The City’s program operates Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., within City limits. There is no cost to passengers, the full fare is covered by the City.

The Transportation staff, in coordination with Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET), developed a complaint/information request service through the County’s 311 module. Through this process, the department of NET provides support to process applications and use NET offices as outreach centers where applicants may obtain information or file applications, therefore providing an enhanced customer service to the clients. In addition, an automated daily report was developed through CitiStat with up-to-date information of all approved users. Since implementation of the above mentioned changes, an increased ridership of nearly 40 percent was observed. For contact information on your nearest NET office, please visit

Red-Light Camera Program (Traffic Infraction Detection Program)


In November 2010, the City of Miami installed the red-light safety cameras system and in January 2011, the City of Miami Police Department began issuing Red-light Camera Program citations.

The Florida State Legislature made changes to the Mark Wandall Safety Traffic Safety Act in the summer of 2013, which required the City to establish a Local Hearing Board for red-light violations. The Transportation division, in conjunction with the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board established the procedures necessary to process hundreds of hearings per month. The first hearings were held in November 2013.

Bicycle Share & Automated Bicycle Rental Program (Citi Bike Program)


The City of Miami Citi Bike Program, launch in December 26, 2014, is a public/private partnership funded program. The bike-share program is managed and maintained by Deco Bike, LLC. It provides an effective way for residents to get an opportunity for exercise in their daily lives. Citi Bike Program serves Miami Beach and provides connectivity between the two cities. This program provides an additional mobility option for residents and visitors to explore Miami and serve as the last mile for transit users.

For more information on CITP’s bicycle initiatives, please click on the link ( ) to be redirected to their website.

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