Information Requests

Request for Improvements

Any resident, business owner or even a visitor can request that a particular street or streets within a neighborhood be inspected for improvements. Streets and/or neighborhood improvements that are not already included in the Capital Plan will be identified for scoping and cost estimate. After completion of said estimate, the street will be rated based upon the level of distress and prioritized. Should funding become available, then said request will become a project with a project-number and funding source.

To request an improvement in your street, contact our Public Relations Agents directly at Provide them with your contact information, address, a brief description of your request and any pictures and/or videos that will assist us in assessing your improvements request.

Request for a Traffic Study

If you find that motorists are using your street to cut-through traffic or are speeding and a traffic calming device would resolve this issue, please call us to report it. Be aware that any new traffic calming device installation requires the need of a traffic study. Upon your request, CITP will determine if the traffic study will be performed by either the Office of Capital Improvements & Transportation Program or Miami-Dade County's Traffic Signals and Signs Division (TS&S) pursuant to the Inter-local Agreement.

Upon recommendation approval for the installation of any new traffic calming device based on the traffic study results, ballots must be mailed to all affected property owners and/or tenants for their concurrence. If the ballot criteria requirement is met for approval by the residents, then CITP will identify funding for the creation of a new project in order to install new traffic calming devices. To request a traffic study please email us at and CITP will determine if the study will be conducted by the City of Miami or Miami Dade County.

For traffic related requests, installation and maintenance of all traffic signs, roadway striping, and streetlight maintenance, please call 311 or send email to for assistance with these requests. Be aware that TS&S is responsible for operating and maintaining Miami-Dade County's traffic-related infrastructure to assure the safe and efficient flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the arterial street network.

Public Records Requests

Per Section 119.011 of the Florida Statutes, anyone can request information regardless of the physical form. Please note that per the Public Records Act, the City of Miami will charge a fee or the actual cost for materials or supplies used to duplicate records. The City may also collect a reasonable service charge when a request to inspect or copy Public Records requires the extensive use of technology resources and/or the extensive use of clerical or supervisory assistance.

Kindly email the Law Department ( and describe the records and/or information you are requesting and they will forward your request to the correct department. If the request is related to a CITP project, then feel free to contact our Public Relations Agents directly for prompt service at

Should the records exist and can be accessed, we will produce all of the records, no matter the size. All records will be forwarded to the Law Department for review of any exemptions the record may have prior to releasing it. If you would like to file an anonymous request, you may do so as your name is not required for the City to process the request. Finally, please be aware that there is no duty to create a new public record. We will only provide the information as it exists.

Media Requests

If you are submitting a request for information or an interview with a member from the Office of Capital Improvements & Transportation, kindly email the Office of Communications ( In your email, include the questions you would like answered as well as the deadline and their office will forward your request to the correct department for prompt response.

If the request is related to a CITP project, and you are requesting an interview instead of having the questions answered, then CITP will coordinate the scheduling accordingly with the appropriate CITP staff member and notify the Office of Communications on your behalf.