"Building Better Neighborhoods"

About Us

Created in 2002, the Office of Capital Improvements and Transportation Program is responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing, and monitoring all capital projects in the City of Miami. Capital projects are generally large-scale in terms of cost, size and benefit to the community. The underlying strategy of CITP is to designate resources for design and construction of new and renovation of existing public facilities and infrastructures necessary for the safe and efficient provision of services.

In partnership with private architects, engineering consultants and contractors, the Office manages all phases of design and construction for all horizontal and vertical projects, inclusive of environmental, shoreline stabilization and waterfront properties, and coordinates all activities related to the City's Trolley system and On Demand Transportation.

Beginning with projects from the $255 million Homeland Defense & Neighborhood Improvement Bonds approved by the voters in 2001, the City’s current Capital Improvements Program now encompasses over 901 projects (323 active and 578 future) valued at nearly $604,120,000 for the six year period from 2014 to 2019.

Mission Statement

To provide vital infrastructure systems, enhanced public facilities and integrated transportation services that instantly revitalize our communities.