B-40457 Kinloch Park New Building Addition

Design and construction of a new annex of approximately 4,200 Sq. Ft. to the existing community center building at Kinloch Park to provide programs and services to the area senior residents. Project is expected to be completed by July 2016. 


B-30606 Downtown Miami – Flagler Street

A complete renovation for Flagler Street, geared to modernize downtown Miami and make it more pedestrian friendly, to include drainage and pavement upgrades, new bike racks, enhanced crosswalks and street lighting, upgraded sidewalks and oak trees. Moveable railroad gates and steel train rail details will be added along the sidewalks. Construction to be completed fall 2017.


B-40456 Antonio Maceo Park Building Addition

Construction of a new building approx. 4,600 sq.ft. is an extension to the existing community center building providing additional programs and services. The existing building will be remodeled and reconfigured. The entrance to the park will be modified and the parking lot will be expanded to add 28 parking spaces. Construction to be completed September 2016.


B-30182A Regatta Park

Regatta Park is the first park land to be dedicated to the City of Miami. It is a seven (7) acre waterfront site in the existing urban core. The project was phased out into three components consisting of various distinctive areas within the park site. Phase I is completed. Phase II is under construction. Phase III is anticipated to begin construction 2016.


B-30690 West End Park New Community Center

Demolishing the existing recreation building and constructing in its place a 10,800 sq. ft. community building and an accessible walkway connecting to the existing pool building. The project is expected to be completed February 2016.


B-30305 Gibson Park

This project was design-build consisting of a new 22,820 square foot two-story gymnasium. The first floor consists of an indoor basketball court, 1 full court and 2 training courts with multi-use as a volleyball court, along with restrooms, storage, and electrical room, a concession building equipped with a full kitchen, stairs and an elevator. The second floor houses a computer room and 6 classrooms with additional restrooms. 35 new parking spaces were added to the already existing parking lot.


B-40668 Marine Stadium Flex Park

The entire Marine Stadium site was redesigned to add a new drainage system, upgrades to the water and sewer lines, construction of two new electrical buildings, new sidewalks, and stand pipes for fire protection. Ultimately, the area will be converted to a Flex Park and the Stadium, a historical monument, will also be renovated. Initial phase for Marine Stadium is complete.


B-30887 Little Haiti Park Soccer Locker

Design and construction of approximately 1,400 sq. ft. of new ADA compliant/handicap accessible locker rooms, showers and restrooms for home and visiting teams. The new facility will provide sports related accommodations for groups interested in training at this park. The project is expected to be completed by June 2016


B-78508 NE 2nd Avenue Roadway Improvements

In continuation of the beautification efforts for NE 2nd Ave corridor, Segment B3 between 42 ST and 51 ST will be enhanced with upgrades to the drainage system and pavement, new street lighting, tree planting, bike lane, and enhanced sidewalks. The project will be completed in two phases to limit impact and construction is to be completed January 2017.


B-35883A Samuel K. Johnson Youth Center

The New Youth Center will be approximately 22,000 sq. ft. The building’s main lobby and reception area will interconnect with a new covered drop-off area that will abut a cultural plaza. Other park improvements include a covered entry-drop-off for the existing Senior Center Building and improvements for field parking lot. The project’s completion is anticipated for late February 2016.


   CITP Highlights
Construction Contracts Compliance Workshop
“How to Comply with Workforce Program Compliance Measures on City of Miami Construction Contracts” workshop to be held on Friday, November 4, 2016, at 10:00 am at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. See flyer here

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Real-time trolley tracking system that provides riders with up-to-the-minute estimated times of arrival (ETAs) for the Trolley, enabling riders to better plan their trips.
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On Demand Transportation

The On-Demand Transportation Program (On-Demand), is a free call-in advance transit service for low income seniors and/or persons with disabilities for specific trip purposes. The City’s program operates Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., within City limits.

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