Financial Dashboard

Parks Master Plan

The Financial Dashboard contents are intended as a means to provide transparency and accountability to stakeholders regarding the City of Miami budget and finances. Within this area one will find various kinds of summarized and detailed information for multiple years (current year and three years of historical data). One can also select between activities, fund sources, departments, and account codes. The Cumulative Totals Comparison chart compares the YTD for both the current and prior fiscal year on a monthly basis. Additionally, included in the dashboard is the Revenues and Expenditures report. The Revenues and Expenditures report will allow stakeholders to view information by departments and organizations as well. The data contained in the dashboard will be updated each month after the City's books are formally closed.

Financial Dashboard (Excel)

How to Download and View

Use the link above to view the financial dashboard on-line. Users must Enable macros. That is, you must give Excel permission to run macros in your environment. You can do this by simply clicking on the Security Warning that pops up above the formula bar.